Sunday, September 30, 2012

Running in New York City

Over the past week, I've been running without earphones. It is the most amazing feeling to just run without anything going on in your head (When the music plays, I tend to crunch running stats in my head). On the other hand, I can't help overhearing conversations that take place between people and their running partners. So here are some observations based on one week of listening and watching.

1. People who run along the East River seem happier than those who run along the Hudson. I suppose it's because there are fewer people running by the East River and , people running along the East River are mostly solitary runners. East River pathway runners and bikers tend to be more polite and considerate.

2. A lot of people are really frustrated and unhappy with their jobs. Runners in the Battery Park City area don't hold back from any kind of venting. Do I sense a correlation between unhappiness and working in the financial district?

3. Running with a partner can be very unnerving and annoying. I noticed a bunch of sour faced couples running near the Hudson River Park. This is understandable since it's not always possible for two people to run in sync. Things get worse if the couple in question has a baby in a stroller.

4. Men tend to talk about sports. Yes, it's been all about football statistics the past week.

5. Women tend to talk about who dated whom and who said what to whom etc. etc. (dear ladies, why must you live up to that stereotype?).

6. Dogs are the best running partners. They go out of their way to please their humans. The trouble is,dogs are generally sprinters and not long distance runners. I wish more people understood that.

7. Babies in strollers don't care how fast you run. 

8. Tourists find runners very amusing.