Monday, April 02, 2012


If this is a legitimate Twitter account, and if it is true that 'Gangarams' is moving to a new place above Koshy's restaurant, then my blog might just have its first retraction!

Apparently , this overly nostalgic post got my blog more traffic than it's accustomed to. A lot of people took pictures of the sign outside 'Gangarams' and thought that the store was closing for good. Here's the response I got from the 'Gangarams' Twitter feed. It was hard to find any decent coverage of the purported closing in any of Bangalore's newspapers, and since I don't live in Bangalore anymore, there was no way for me to get the details from the people at the store.

There are still conflicting reports coming in from different sources. This one from IBN Live says that the owners had finalized on the location above Koshy's, but there are fears that the building may not be "strong enough to hold the weight of the books".

This isn't an official retraction, but in this case, I hope there will be good reason for me to make this a first for this blog.

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