Sunday, July 04, 2010

Of Football,Traffic Offenders and Other Things

I haven't written anything for a while,so I decided to get over my block by making lists of random things.

1.The Gallic shrug might have its origins in France,but footballers who have been yellow carded seem to employ it with the greatest aplomb.It goes a long way in placating furious referees who are on the verge of changing the card colour to red.

2.Divers in football need to learn Ballet and Kathakali.While Ballet lessons will make the 'fall' appear more graceful and sublime,a lesson in Kathakali will help accentuate the expression of 'pain'.

3.When Bangaloreans are caught for over speeding,their faces take on the most sheepish expressions.The sheepish quality of the expression is directly proportional to the apparent indolence of the cop.

4.People,in Bangalore,booked for driving under influence look so ashamed.Quite unlike their brazen,western counterparts in 'World's Dumbest Criminals'.

5.The number of goals scored by a footballer in an international tournament is inversely proportional to the product of the hype,endorsements and number of goals scored for one's club.

6.Irrespective of the quality of the teams,people in India will always support Brazil and Argentina.Both teams may have been booted out in the 2010 quarter finals,but it won't dampen the fervour of their Indian fans.

7.People love parking in front of 'No Parking' signs.There is a thrill in dashing away before the towing van arrives.

8.I have never seen a more stoic loser than Fabio Cannavaro. It takes a lot to walk back to the dressing room with one's head held high;especially when one knows that one's career is almost over.

9.Zebra crossings in Bangalore are only for the benefit of motorists,not pedestrians.

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