Wednesday, July 07, 2010


It's been a year since I lost my father.I'm now at a place where I'm comfortable sharing past incidents that are now reduced to fond memories.

My father had a tendency to overuse tubes of toothpaste till there was barely any left.My mother and I would implore him,quite irritably,to discard the old tube and use a new one.The justification he gave was quite absurd.

My father,an engineer to the core,loved watching movies with a lot of gadgetry and espionage in the back drop of either the cold war or World War II.Gregory Peck played an American Spy in one such flick.In a particular scene, he is trying his best to squeeze out toothpaste from a near-empty tube.He is being watched and targeted by a sharpshooter in the opposite building.The sniper has zeroed in on his target and pulls the trigger.Our hero,in the meantime,lunges forward in another attempt to squeeze out toothpaste.The bullet grazes his hair and he escapes.Hence my dad's passion for spy movies and war aircraft.The first thing he said when we watched 'Dr. Strangelove' was, 'that's a B-52 bomber!'.

Here's to his resilience and originality.I only hope he's in a better place.


ankita said...

My grandmother cuts a dying tube into two halves and uses them for days :).

KunZzzz said...

Even Now sometimes my Dad does it, cuts the tube into pieces and applies toothpaste on everyones brush and gives us our respective brush :)

pracheer said...

even i squeeze out the toothpaste tube till the tube cries out loud to leave it alone!! and love doing that!

akshay said...

I used to refluidize the toothpaste by forcing water in from the faucet and then squeezing out the mixture