Thursday, July 22, 2010


I realize I haven't been regular when it comes to updating this blog.I've been quite busy doing a lot of other things apart from writing.Here's a list of excuses to explain the rather blatant neglect of this blog.

1.New books:I started reading 'The Diaries of Franz Kafka' and stopped abruptly.My tryst with Kafka's diaries is a lot like my tryst with 'Ulysses'.I find fresh new reasons to put off reading these books.I'm planning yet another intrepid reading of 'Ulysses' in the near future.While I firmly believe that 'Ulysses' can be conquered with the help of a few annotated guides and a PHD thesis or two;I think that Kafka's diaries are not for faint hearted individuals with a shaky mental disposition.I finished reading 'Chronicle of a Death Foretold' by Marquez.I felt as though I was in my element when I read Marquez.There is something very comforting and familial about Marquez.No matter how loathsome his stories get,I still want to read them.

2.A shaky mental disposition:I wasn't completely honest when I was talking about new books in my life.Literature apart;another new book in my life is 'The Art of Computer Programming' by Donald Knuth.As a result,I often see Greek symbols and MIX code in my dreams.I visited the IISc bookshop the other day, in search of a book on Lisp(it's a long story).An attendant managed to find me a book on Lisp and looked surprised when I thanked him profusely.In addition to Greek and MIX,I have also started dreaming of endless pairs of matched parenthesis containing code in prefix notation.

3.Lisp:I just love lisp so much.I want to spend as much time as possible with the common lisp console.I've become so obsessed with it that I've installed a CLISP console on every operating system that I run.

4.Another blog:I started a blog at wordpress with the idea of experimenting with CSS and a new blogging platform.What was intended to be a 'dummy' blog, ended up being an account of life as seen from the eyes of six mongrels in Bangalore.Updating the new blog has been a lot of fun.It reminds me of the hilarity of living in a house with six mutts.You can check out The Mutt Blog.

5.My ACM membership:I have to admit that holding the ACM membership card made me feel like a Diva with a new credit card.I spend more time at the ACM Digital library than I do at project Gutenberg.Hence,I am more likely to lecture you on the uses of augmented reality in the animal birth control program than on the utter hopelessness of empathizing with Franz Kafka.


ankita said...

'Chronicle...' was a part of our BA course.

Devadutta D Ghat said...

Awesome! Would love to hear your Lisp story!