Sunday, December 27, 2009

I Need to Write

I need to write;
Without rusted doors creaking,
Without a dozen voices wading
Through canals in my mind.
I need to write;
Quietly,sans distraction,
Without the deviating yelp
Of well meaning help.
I need to write;
To remember
The amber of the sky
As I turned pensive.
I need to write;
To recollect
The drone of verse
Turning indecisive.


kitoo said...

sans distraction....means well...but doesnt fit da

La Diva! said...

I wanted to use distraction or at least the concept of distraction somewhere. How would you have put it?

kitoo said...

well i would give the distraction more quality...probably

Quietly,levitating distractions

also the title i would say "the pensive writer"

but again thats just me, im sure you can come up with much better