Sunday, October 18, 2009

Living to Write

It takes a little more than being well read to be a convincing writer.Feigning experience sometimes impedes the thrill of a riotous imagination.Writing that lacks the richness and the tangibility of reality starts off as something promising and turns frigid and limp towards the end.If all that is meant to be written has already been written,then new writers need to encircle a little more than what lies 'outside the box'.

Here are some of the things I intend to try before I write

Faith:If being an agnostic implies spending quality time on the fence then it is only fair that I give equal weight to the existence of a personal God as I do to the nonexistence of one.

Standardized tests for admission to business school: Writing one of these tests is very tempting;the cycle of preparation,rejection and acceptance appears nearly as lucrative for a book premise as the cycle of death,birth and reincarnation.

Appearing on the cover of 'Good Housekeeping': How else can I come up with something like 'Mrs. Dalloway'? One might assume that I intend to work as a traveling salesman in order to envision something of the magnitude of 'The Metamorphosis'.Fortunately,Kafka wrote about what was within and not without.

A visit to Calcutta:I must ensure that I travel either on foot or rely entirely on public transport.The suffocating humidity and immeasurable wealth of the city makes enough fodder for a thesis.

A visit to Paris:I need to convince myself that one needn't live in Paris in order to experience a personal renaissance.

Regular trips to government offices in India:I need to understand bureaucracy in order to capture the sheer joy of a life without it.

Going for a month without internet access:I believe that such a measure will bring forth a personal renaissance.

I urge my readers to suggest other things I can try before I write.


Thomas said...
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Thomas said...

Add NO Mobile / telephone contact for a month...

Gammafunction said...

A very interesting post.This is something I keep thinking about Have already written about Paris but have posted only one-third of it on the blog(the rest 2/3rds is still in draft phase)Travel usually makes for very descriptive writing.

Standardized tests and their accompanied trials & tribulations make for very good writing

Faith is a tricky topic and to write about it intelligently takes a lot of patience and perhaps courage.

Another very 'juicy' topic is food and there is a very instant connect with the audience.Usually food combined with travel makes for a good combo.

Movie reviews,album reviews etc are also pretty 'writable'

Sanjay said...

I agree with you about the reading bit. However, that impulse to writer must always come from some disemboxed factor: weather, trek, commute, movie, painting, et al. Important that dancing thoughts lead to a moving memoir or a great read!