Sunday, May 17, 2009

Books for Sale

This is a sequel to this entry about the sale of books to a second hand bookstore. During the course of the past month I have been trying to cleanse my life of all traces of redundancy. I am also trying to make space (physical space to stack new things and not just space in the metaphysical sense). I've been putting this activity off due to my excessively maudlin attachment to books. I got a wake up call yesterday(more like an obnoxious wake up alarm) when I brought home Homer and Dahl from Crossword (I couldn't resist opting for the Crossword membership card either).

So here's a list of books that are getting the axe. I will be selling them to Blossoms,my favorite second hand bookstore(and the only one that I know).

'Lolita' by Nabokov - I agree the book is well written and a pioneer in its own right.I loved Nabokov's 'love affair' with the English language and the terrain of the United States of America. However, I will never cease to find Humbert and his paedophilia disgusting and revolting. I would probably shudder to read it again.

'Atonement' by Ian McEwan - Loved the beginning,hated the way the end was written. Here's the entry detailing my love-hate relationship with the celebrated novel.

'The Da Vinci Code' - I will reiterate yet again that Dan Brown should write books on art History,Biblical conspiracy theories and speculation on religious orders without an element of fiction in them. I would have loved to cut out the portions of the book that are evident of Brown's fiction writing prowess and preserve the rest,but it's more work than I would like.

'The Sands of Time' by Sidney Sheldon- Racy but predictable read with a lame ending.My favorite part in the book was the front page containing a quote from Hemmingway about Spain.

The other books getting the boot will be all the Mills and Boon romances and some other books of a mushy nature.

I'm not selling my soul,I'm merely dragging it out of a rut.


Gammafunction said...

Can I borrow Lolita?Have been wanting to add that to my collection for some time now.

ankita anand said...

My heart was in my mouth when I read you're going to sell them.But the list assures that there is no cause for concern.

@GF: Why don't you get it from Blossoms?