Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Haiku

I keep my finger
On the tab of my future;
It kills my present.

The nature of lust;
Its inconceivable guile
Aids evolution!

I see your visage
Blurred to infinity when
Your comfort I seek.

Pursuing lost chance
Is like looking for ice while
Treading on hot coal.

P.S. I don't even know why I wrote the last one.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Books for Sale

This is a sequel to this entry about the sale of books to a second hand bookstore. During the course of the past month I have been trying to cleanse my life of all traces of redundancy. I am also trying to make space (physical space to stack new things and not just space in the metaphysical sense). I've been putting this activity off due to my excessively maudlin attachment to books. I got a wake up call yesterday(more like an obnoxious wake up alarm) when I brought home Homer and Dahl from Crossword (I couldn't resist opting for the Crossword membership card either).

So here's a list of books that are getting the axe. I will be selling them to Blossoms,my favorite second hand bookstore(and the only one that I know).

'Lolita' by Nabokov - I agree the book is well written and a pioneer in its own right.I loved Nabokov's 'love affair' with the English language and the terrain of the United States of America. However, I will never cease to find Humbert and his paedophilia disgusting and revolting. I would probably shudder to read it again.

'Atonement' by Ian McEwan - Loved the beginning,hated the way the end was written. Here's the entry detailing my love-hate relationship with the celebrated novel.

'The Da Vinci Code' - I will reiterate yet again that Dan Brown should write books on art History,Biblical conspiracy theories and speculation on religious orders without an element of fiction in them. I would have loved to cut out the portions of the book that are evident of Brown's fiction writing prowess and preserve the rest,but it's more work than I would like.

'The Sands of Time' by Sidney Sheldon- Racy but predictable read with a lame ending.My favorite part in the book was the front page containing a quote from Hemmingway about Spain.

The other books getting the boot will be all the Mills and Boon romances and some other books of a mushy nature.

I'm not selling my soul,I'm merely dragging it out of a rut.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of....Wishful Thinking

I started a fitness regime that comprises a combination of Yoga and Pilates as a part of the 'Self Improvement Plan' I make every year(In other words,I made a resolution at the beginning of the year).As a result, I've purchased a yoga mat and a set of hand weights;things kept at a strategic location so that I feel inspired to roll out the mat,grab the weights and get started.On the bright side, I feel a lot better and more energetic.On the flip side; sports shops are now on my list of places to visit while on a shopping spree(as though shoes,bags and clothes weren't enough).

I had a shopping spree inspired dream that took place in an RbK showroom.I usually don't visit RbK showrooms.I am more content with Addidas(so that I can swoon over Zidane jerseys) and Nike(I usually walk in with the hope that someday I'll buy an Arsenal jersey and cheer the gunners at the Emirates stadium).I vowed never to walk into an RbK showroom ever since Thierry Henry left Arsenal,joined Barcalona and had Rbk as his sponsor.

Allegiance to sports teams aside,my dream was relatively football free.The new fitness regime made me want to run to the nearest place and buy some 'exercise clothes'. I went from store to store till I landed at RbK. I found a pair of jeans that caught my fancy(what happened to 'exercise clothes'?).The jeans were well fitting and flattering (the wishful thinking starts here). To add to that, they were a part of a new line of clothing exclusively for women.I was then given an offer that I could buy a Tata Nanao (the cheapest version priced well over Rs. 100,000) at a 'discounted' price of Rs. 44,000! Amen!

I still remember the excitement with which I made out a cheque of Rs. 44,000(This was excluding road tax,insurance and registration fees.I sometimes wonder if I subconsciously crunch numbers in my head).I've just read 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne which says that one just has to ask and the universe will provide.Since then,I've decided never to dismiss nice and lucrative dreams as merely an outcome of wishful thinking.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Something in Common

What do socialism and capitalism have in common? Their implementation was highly flawed. The application of both lacked one thing; common sense.