Sunday, April 19, 2009

Haiku for the Diva

Girl who thinks that she
With her work will change the world
Thrives in the unreal.

Lyrical,vain dreams
Crafted from nothing;to feed
The unwritten whim.

Soliloquy is
The forte of the poet
Who forgets to write.

I fly on the wings,
And abide by the rules of
Wretched vanity.

Damsel in distress,
Scribbling to carve pictures
In white and charcoal.

Damsel in distress,
Smudging brushes with ire
To paint her visage.

P.S. - A few things you already know about yours truly.

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Dolly Selarka said...

loved what you've written... anyone who is in need of personal recognition should read this piece of yours.. in just three little words.. its