Thursday, February 12, 2009

When Technology Aids the Artist

Making self portraits is one thing and making a sketch of an animal is quite another.Eleven and a half odd years ago, I had accomplished the feat of making my dog Jojo sit absolutely still while I made a likeness of her in pencil.The picture was well appreciated by members of the family and got a B+ from my art teacher who said that I hadn't planned the layout of the picture well.Some five odd years ago we moved to a new house and all of the old artwork was banished to the loft along with an overflowing book collection.A few weeks ago,around the time I made a self portrait, I attempted to sketch a much older and wiser Jojo.She wouldn't sit still, she kept rolling over like a Diva(I acknowledge that she gets her Diva-like tendencies from me while I get my dislike for Bryan Adams from her).I decided to cheat by taking a little help from technology.What good are camera phones if they don't allow you to take snapshots of animals at their spontaneous best? This time I chose my 'photogenic and always pleased to pose pet' Toffee.Animals,unlike humans, have the charm of not being able to fake their facial expressions.Truant artists like me love to exploit this bestial trait to the fullest extent.Besides, it is much easier to replicate something from a camera phone than to use a live model.I give you 'Toffee in Black and White'.

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ankita anand said...

It's like you can take the face in your hands and feel the jawline.