Saturday, December 13, 2008

Selling Your Soul

Bangalore is a city that feeds the most quaint need of every other quaint bibliophile.One can find bookshops in the most unsuspecting corners(apart from the scores of pirated material available on street corners).I like to regard each bookshop as a separate individual,complete with quirks and a territorial sense of defense for its niche.

'Blossoms' is one such place in Bangalore.It is aptly called 'the house of used books'.There are two floors stacked with books on every subject and of every possible vintage.One can find brand new bestsellers, with crisp white pages reeking with the odor of the printing press,and the most unkempt manuscripts of the classics yellowing with age.'Blossoms' allows customers to bring in old books and buy new books at a discount.The question of 'to sell or not to sell?' arises quite inevitably.

The next question that follows is 'what to sell?'.Books that are either subject to unconditional love or irrational loathing are impossible to sell.The two digit discount percentage bundled with a new book may seem like the ultimate catch;but once a book slips out of your clutches it is gone,along with the portion of your soul that it possessed while you read it.Selling a book is like selling a portion of your soul.The new book may or may not fill the void, but that portion caressed and fulfilled by the old one is dead.Perhaps it is the reason fashionistas fail to part with their shoes.No wonder libraries in Divaland often overflow on to the streets.

I will never know what a double digit discount on a book feels like.


ankita anand said...

'Blossoms':The promised land I never got :(.

pisku said...

Indeed blossoms is in an unsuspecting place.
Also, I hoard a whole lotta books myself but i've begun to wonder if I'll ever read it again.