Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Cheer with a dash of Grit

No human being is born perfect.It is inevitable even for those bearing a slant towards anarchy to rejoyce when the season of resolutions draws near.In my attempt to revel in holiday cheer,I've decided to add structure and rigidity to my life by drawing out a list of resolutions that are either too stifling or too unbecoming of a diva.Here are the ones that are relevant to the blog.

- To expand my reading list to include subject matter that goes beyond classic literature.To explore work that is more contemporary.Not exactly stifling but nevertheless verging on anti-diva blasphemy.

- To brush up my skills in three different languages (Bengali,Kannada and French).It is said that heaven helps those who help themselves.Are agnostics even allowed to believe in heaven? (In the divine sense at least?)

- To come up with the first draft of either a novel,a collection of short stories or an anthology of poems.I would have prayed for the mental well being of publishers had I not been so fiercely agnostic.

- The readers of this blog may heave a sigh of relief as I do not have any new intentions for this blog.However,readers are urged to bear in mind that new resolutions may be appended to the list any time during the course of the year.

I wish all of you a wonderful holiday season and sincerely hope that the next year is full of promise and hope(no pun intended).Please continue to read my blog, I love to watch the numbers on the blog ticker spiraling out of control.


pisku said...
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pisku said...

Draft of a novel or short stories eh? do we get to read a sneak preview?

La Diva! said...

No you don't get a sneak preview on the blog.There are licensing issues.What I release through the blog comes with a Creative Commons non-derivative,non-commercial license.Stuff that might end up in the hands of publishers is bound by copyright. I realize that open source aficionados probably want me dead but I don't really care.

ankita anand said...

I am too scared to resolve :(.