Sunday, November 02, 2008

Love in the time of Facebook

Most web 2.0 enabled young adults find themselves experimenting with Facebook sometime or the other.Despite its questionable usability and the bizarre terms and conditions,the 'Info' page is the first page people encounter(not counting the fact that it's one of the simplest pages to use on Facebook).The information page allows users to fill in their date of birth,relationship status,job information and a bit about their religious views.While users have considerable control over what they enter in most fields,the relationship status field is probably the most laughable with terms peculiar to social networking websites.Here is a dig at all the options that exist in the 'relationship status' menu and the less obvious implications of each one of them.

What they read and what they might just mean!

Single :

It's not that I need a 'partner' to validate my happiness. No I'm not desperate.I just need a date for Valentine's day and New Year's eve. As much as I love Facebook, I can't spend my weekends crawling from one site to another.

I'm actually not single,but a little harmless flirting never hurt anyone.

Okay,I'm not single but I have way too many folks from the family on my friends list.I'm afraid that if they get to know the real story they will squeal about it to my parents (a common dilemma faced by young Indian people engaged in covert courtship).

In a relationship:

I'm a lot cooler than all you single people. Ha ha!

I'm not really 'in a relationship'. I just picked this option to make it look like I've got a 'life'.


I'm single but I don't want weird friend requests from potential stalkers.

In an open relationship:

So I like to swing. At least I'm honest about it unlike those 'in a relationship' types who tell the whole world that they're 'single'.

It's complicated:

I want attention! The least you can do is visit my profile when you read my relationship story.


Gammafunction said...

haha Hilariuos! :D

well 'In a relationship' can also mean:
My parents are on Facebook too and I want them to know I have a girlfriend/boyfriend but they need not who it is exactly (not yet) :D

I do have a girlfriend/boyfriend but I am not really shouting about it even though both of us are on your friend list-so we are actually being cool by not wanting to be talked about:D :D

I am actually married and I don't want to look like a loser on Facebook :D

In an open Relationship:
I am really pretty dumb to not understand what this means and think swinging is what kids do on swings in playgrounds.

(this is for women)I think that this might actually enhance my popularity with the opposite sex.At least I am more interesting than your girl next door-I want faithful men only kind.

It's Complicated:
I am not sure whether the girl/boy I am dating really is my girlfriend/boyfriend! :D

Devadutta D Ghat said...

Indeed hilarious.. I wonder how I missed this post earlier..

lisa said...


I think the worst thing about the relationship status is when both of you are on Facebook and you change from "In a relationship" to "single" suddenly. Ouch.