Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Portrait that Paints Itself and Remains Incomplete (Part II)

There stands an incomplete portrait.The canvas is stretched across the easel. It has yellowed with age since its untimely abandonedment.The diva strolls into her studio,with the sun in her hair and the floor caressing her bare feet.She cocks her head to one side to study the fruit of half baked cerebration.It isn't normal for subject matter to age with the portrait,but it has happened.

Take 1:Time for some damage control.We don't want self portraits that remind us of Dorian Grey.So the diva picks up a brush,with the right blend of several shades of paint to impart the botox effect.

Take 2:The Dorian Grey effect is achieved but the botox has rubbed off some of the distinctive vanity.All self portraits are supposed to be vain,but how in the name of art do you dab the right amount of vanity?

Take 3:Now the portrait looks vain enough.The diva still sees platitude smeared at one minute corner.Bring in the varnish,let's dissolve the flaw and be done with it.

Take 4:The background and foreground look like a nightmare from a book of kitsch.The diva rips the canvas into two and watches the asymmetrical parts fall to their death.

Take 5: The Diva decides to mend it by sticking the parts on to a blank sheet of canvas.The two parts look like pieces of a puzzle that need to be forced to fit together.

Take 6:Perhaps self portraits are not meant to be perfect.The portrait is now scarred and left to heal itself.It will paint itself and remain incomplete.

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