Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sitting Pretty in a Corset

She sits pretty in a corset,
Emancipated,free and uninhibited.
Her face is flushed,she gasps for breath;
She still sits pretty in her corset.
How will they measure her worth?
By the inches of her waist?
Perhaps,by the swing of her gait.
Or maybe by the number of suitors who wait,
In suspended thrall,to court her.
How she sits still as a picture,
Emancipated,free and uninhibited.
How will they gauge her depth?
By the inches of her heel?
Or perhaps by the way she conceals
Her nerves of steel.
So she may deign to impress
By playing the damsel in distress.
She sits,still and pretty in a corset.
Emancipated,free and uninhibited.

P.S: Older,wiser and a feminist.

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