Sunday, September 21, 2008

Coming of Age

The only thing worse than getting a year older is having to deal with it on a Monday(which happens to be tomorrow).I feign nonchalance as I write this piece.My eye flickers towards the astrology website opened in another browser tab.All the years of agnosticism,objectivism,skepticism and cynicism culminate to nothing as I flush my stoic rejection of 'the concept of destiny' down the drain.I gain a sense of relief as the horoscopes don't seem offensive(as a matter of fact they never do),and no news is always good news.

Speaking of futuristic intent; there is plenty as far as this blog is concerned.Readers may look forward to a year of nasty narcissism,nastier tantrums and the nastiest kind of antagonism.There will be plenty of rants with wayward references to insignificant fiendish things, and enough critiquing to make slander seem harmless.

On the bright side; none of it is personal.Just plain and simple vanity.


ankita anand said...

Happy Birthday,nonetheless :).

Upon an old wall dreaming said...

Happy Birthday diva !!!!