Sunday, September 28, 2008

On the Fence Passing Judgement

Why is everlasting joy the forte of the spiritual writer while despair is the niche to which the existentialist is condemned?

The Diva Does a Ballad

I have lived in a cocoon;
In comfort,in oblivion,
As still as forgotten carrion,
Like a moth that doesn't see the moon.

I've emerged from my sleep;
My wings fine and feathered,
Not bound nor tethered,
No boundary too fickle or steep.

Now how I shimmer;
My back cleaving from the strain,
Of intrepid flights made in disdain,
My memory; the hope of yesterday's glimmer.

P.S. - A Lousy attempt at being Sylvia Plath

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sitting Pretty in a Corset

She sits pretty in a corset,
Emancipated,free and uninhibited.
Her face is flushed,she gasps for breath;
She still sits pretty in her corset.
How will they measure her worth?
By the inches of her waist?
Perhaps,by the swing of her gait.
Or maybe by the number of suitors who wait,
In suspended thrall,to court her.
How she sits still as a picture,
Emancipated,free and uninhibited.
How will they gauge her depth?
By the inches of her heel?
Or perhaps by the way she conceals
Her nerves of steel.
So she may deign to impress
By playing the damsel in distress.
She sits,still and pretty in a corset.
Emancipated,free and uninhibited.

P.S: Older,wiser and a feminist.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Coming of Age

The only thing worse than getting a year older is having to deal with it on a Monday(which happens to be tomorrow).I feign nonchalance as I write this piece.My eye flickers towards the astrology website opened in another browser tab.All the years of agnosticism,objectivism,skepticism and cynicism culminate to nothing as I flush my stoic rejection of 'the concept of destiny' down the drain.I gain a sense of relief as the horoscopes don't seem offensive(as a matter of fact they never do),and no news is always good news.

Speaking of futuristic intent; there is plenty as far as this blog is concerned.Readers may look forward to a year of nasty narcissism,nastier tantrums and the nastiest kind of antagonism.There will be plenty of rants with wayward references to insignificant fiendish things, and enough critiquing to make slander seem harmless.

On the bright side; none of it is personal.Just plain and simple vanity.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


There are skeletons in my closet,
Placid,onerous and bronzed with dust.
I dare not gaze into their hollowed visages
Or deign to meet mummified stares.
I leave them as they have always been,
Handcuffed,bound and slouching;
Lest they twitch and tell all.
I erase all traces of their recollection,
So that they do not resurrect
And prattle with the living dead.
There are skeletons in my closet
Let such reminiscence be laid to rest.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

How to act like a Diva

Here's a little skit I've prepared on the basis of real life events.These are dramatized transcripts of actual events that occurred yesterday evening.

The Discussion on Matrimony- Or Futile Attempts made with the Intention of Altering the Marital Status of the Diva

The Setting: The characters are seated around a dining table. The table is set for three.There are two dogs sleeping blissfully,unaware of the gravity of the conversation that is about to ensue.The atmosphere is informal and there are bits and pieces of the regular dinnertime banter, till it all starts to go frightfully awry.

The Characters:

Mom: A well meaning,generally progressive and Web 2.0 challenged professor of Physics in her fifties.She was married at the age of 23

Dad: A well meaning,generally progressive,professor of Electronics touching sixty and possessing better Web 2.0 skills than his better half. He was married at the age of 26.

The Diva:The irreverent author of this blog, who is too vain to disclose her exact age.She is somewhere in her twenties and has a job(the blog doesn't generate any revenue in case you were wondering); which,in Indian terms, implies that she is 'marriageable'.

Act I Scene I

Mom: You know, my friend's son just got engaged to a girl who's two years your junior.Isn't it time we started looking for a suitable match for you? Why don't we create a profile for you at, or one of those matrimonial websites?

The Diva (rolling her eyes): If you want to start looking you may start looking without any assistance from me.You may turn on the computer yourself,login and create profiles all by yourself.

Mom: Oh, I will take dad's help.

(Dad has remained unperturbed and amused all along.)

The Diva:I cannot guarantee that I will get married right away,I need at least two years for consideration.

Mom: If you want to get married in two years time, we need to start looking now.

The Diva: I don't wish to marry young.I lack the maturity. I think thirty would be the right age to get married, right dad?

Dad(diplomatically): I don't believe in forcing people to do things they don't want to do.

Mom: By the time you turn thirty all the nice boys will be taken.You know all the best girls and boys get married when they're in their twenties.

The Diva:In that case,I do not wish to be married.I'd like to keep my space,individuality and peace of mind.

Mom:You need someone to look after you. I cannot die in peace if you don't get married.

The Diva: In that case please feel free to live forever!

(Mom grimaces,while dad and Diva burst into peals of laughter)

The skit never ends.Till the next act,it's curtain call time!