Sunday, August 31, 2008

Love,Loathing and Libertarianism in Bangalore

The thrill of being 'Bangalored' gets mitigated by the minute.Despite the potential blow that Barack Obama intends to wield with his outsourcing policy (if he gets the keys to the White House); the decay is from blows suffered from within.Serial bomb blasts, the ineffective infrastructure, the night life ban and all the moral policing threaten to curtail the bliss that Bangaloreans took for granted.Let's toast to Bangalore before they make it illegal.

Love.Starry eyed couples are now a shadow of their brazen predecessors.Any displays of affection are subject to a fine.Thankfully I can still afford to pet the average decrepit stray cur without fear of being ostracized by the cynophobic (those who fear dogs).Perhaps the city administration wishes to make its contribution to the 'teach India' campaign, by being pedantic with puppy love smitten couples in Bangalore, by trying to hint that there is more to love than a public display of affection.Nevertheless, an effective teacher is one who doesn't underestimate the indomitable spirit of his/her pupils.

Loathing.We loathe the roads,the traffic, the open man holes, the clogged drains, the hazy smog, the endless construction in the name of 'beautification', policies made with the intent of beatification and the fact that we pay taxes to remedy the maladies of a city with a waning spine.We also love the fact that we loathe with such passion.

Libertarianism.I've always maintained that libertarianism is the luxury peculiar to Utopia and a privilege peculiar to the delusional (I am libertarian therefore I delude!).Gated communities in Bangalore do exactly that.They are something like 'Atlantis' in 'Atlas Shrugged', with the exception that they don't necessarily house the likes of John Galt.Only true libertarians would shut themselves up in fortresses to savor every bit of personal liberty.

So at the end of all this, how do I love Bangalore? Let me count the ways. I love it to the depth the human spirit can sink when shirking duty and fleeing guilt.(I think I heard Elizabeth Barret Browning curse!)Here's to love,loathing and libertarianism in Bangalore.

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