Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Diva's Commandments of good Writing

A book can be great if and only if it isn't lost in the ravages of time and translation.

There is a difference between writing that is eccentric and that which is cluttered.Eccentric writing bears some semblance of coherence.Writing that is cluttered is likely to confound the one who wrote it in the first place.

Good writing will hold the attention of the reader as well as that of the writer in equal measure.The reader will be inspired to read while the writer will remain prolific and unblocked.

Critics are often more predictable and trite than the books they review. The only thing worse than a bad review is a badly written review.By no means are reviewers entitled to such impunity.

The prolixity of a writer isn't measured by the thickness of the manuscript or by the weight of his/her adjectives.

Poetic licenses are meant to be used and not abused.Poets who wish to be exploitative may invent their own dialects.

Writers must bear the consequences of punctuation abuse,both intentional and otherwise.

There is no excuse for the violation of any of the above. Here's to the elimination of platitude! There's a limit to which readers can withstand insults to their intelligence.

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