Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Inconvenient Truth

The title is intended as a tribute to the Oscar winning documentary bearing the same name.In the past few weeks I have been plunged into darkness,with my thirst unquenched and my finer senses regressing to their baser cousins.Yes, dear reader,Bangalore has been having a shortage of electricity and water!

The inconvenient truth is this- diminishing sources of energy have adverse effects on the entertainment and publishing industries.The need of the hour is to find alternative sources of all those things that appeal to our aesthetic needs,irrespective of whether we are successful in our quest for alternative energy sources.

Imagine a world where people paint their own pictures using natural pigments,where people write their own books on recycled paper(by hand).Where musicians travel on foot in order to serenade a potential audience and where the art of film making diminishes and the days of the theater and the opera are revived again.Ah the fine days of antiquity!Here they are again,making the truth a little inconvenient.

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