Friday, July 04, 2008

An Epitaph by Demand

The entry is inspired by the revolting title of a recent bestseller,'Who will Cry when You Die?'. While I intend to intend to make crying an offense at my funeral,I will appreciate a nice epitaph.For yours truly,it's more a question of 'Who will Concoct the Least Offensive Epitaph when You Die?' Here is an example of an epitaph that a diva wouldn't find offensive.

Diva; proponent of individuality and forerunner of the 'make people read classics' movement.Forever agnostic,amen!


anuj said...

One of my favs, is the joke (offensive to some), regarding the epitaph of Heisenberg (of "the uncertainty principle" fame) -- "He lies, somewhere here" -- or something on those lines.

La Diva! said...

Exactly! That's the whole purpose of having an epitaph :p

ankita anand said...

fair enough :)