Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Rant that Shouldn't Exist.

I cannot stir
I cannot mutter
I am the storm
Frozen in malform.
I see all that I behold,
All that is blurred
By another's vision.
I cannot wince
I cannot sigh
I am the past
Erased to oblivion
By another's prism.
I belive that I move,
That I feel and reminisce
The loss of time,
Will and sense.
I must be a dream
In my selective reverie.

P.S. - The impact of Big Brother and 1984.

Contemplation in the Reading Room

Reading 'Atonement' by Ian McEwan compelled me to face something in my own writing style that I abhor;the ability to start something with compelling promise and then force it to dwindle to obscurity.'Atonement' is the story of Briony,a girl gifted with a wonderful imagination that goes haplessly wayward and leaves a scar that can never heal.She almost single handedly ruins a young life full of promise, tears apart a close knit family and lives to make amends for her irrevocable folly.

I loved McEwan's treatment of Briony's innate complexity,the studied narrative of life in Britain during the 1930s and the unfortunate series of events culminating in the conviction of an innocent man.The book comes in three parts.Sadly, the brilliance of each part diminishes progressively, leaving the reader feeling cheated at the end.It brought back the memory of 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Cohello; another book that began with what seemed like an uncommon spiritual premise and ended with the fizzle of a moral science textbook.

I too plead guilty to the same crime against literature; the inability to fill the increasing void as the pages progress.Perhaps I'm just a diva with a deficit of attention.If only I were an anachronism instead of being contemporary!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Inconvenient Truth

The title is intended as a tribute to the Oscar winning documentary bearing the same name.In the past few weeks I have been plunged into darkness,with my thirst unquenched and my finer senses regressing to their baser cousins.Yes, dear reader,Bangalore has been having a shortage of electricity and water!

The inconvenient truth is this- diminishing sources of energy have adverse effects on the entertainment and publishing industries.The need of the hour is to find alternative sources of all those things that appeal to our aesthetic needs,irrespective of whether we are successful in our quest for alternative energy sources.

Imagine a world where people paint their own pictures using natural pigments,where people write their own books on recycled paper(by hand).Where musicians travel on foot in order to serenade a potential audience and where the art of film making diminishes and the days of the theater and the opera are revived again.Ah the fine days of antiquity!Here they are again,making the truth a little inconvenient.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Rant in Prose

Who is it that speaks of smoldering passion?
One that derived from a lingering belief
That wavers between the means and the end.
Not I; for I do not deign to rage,
Or gauge the irrevocable despair of my generation.
Maybe it's the dissent of fraying youth,
The accursed machinery of faith,
Or just a dampened,nagging irritant
That aids my silence.

P.S. - Let's think about indifference and pray that it subsides.

Friday, July 04, 2008

An Epitaph by Demand

The entry is inspired by the revolting title of a recent bestseller,'Who will Cry when You Die?'. While I intend to intend to make crying an offense at my funeral,I will appreciate a nice epitaph.For yours truly,it's more a question of 'Who will Concoct the Least Offensive Epitaph when You Die?' Here is an example of an epitaph that a diva wouldn't find offensive.

Diva; proponent of individuality and forerunner of the 'make people read classics' movement.Forever agnostic,amen!