Saturday, June 14, 2008

Guilt in the Reading Room

Last Saturday I found myself,quite intentionally I must admit,in a bookstore.This was clearly a violation of the oath I had taken, swearing not to set foot in a bookstore till I read all that there was to read at home.At that point in time,I came up with the unreasonable premise that as a Diva,I am morally bound to have a new book to read every week. The proponents of haute-couture will no doubt empathize with my predicament if they replace 'book' with 'dress' and 'week' with 'day' in the previous sentence.

I walked out with a motley crew of books,ranging from the tragic to the political and ultimately the perverse.I picked up 'Authority and the Individual' (which I have just completed),'The City of Joy','Atonement' and finally 'Lolita' (the lust-laden first line has me all geared to pick a winner D. H. Lawrence or Nabokov).

In an attempt towards atonement I am reading 'We the Living',so that the older books don't feel 'jealous' of the new ones.When you spend as much time with books as I do you start to think that books are comatose necromancers with horrendous powers.


ankita anand said...

There is a story by Ambai,'Squirrel',I think,where she describes how she shares an almost sensual relationship with her books.

orion said...

I stumbled across your blog..and liked your posts..
What you have mentioned in one of your posts i.e. bird-walking seems to be a universal achilles heel for all authors. I've heard many writers-professional or otherwise- complaining about it. I've done it countless number of times myself too.
Anyway its good to see someone reading 'We the Living'. I was beginning to feel I'm the only one who has read it :D. It doesn't seem to be very popular even among Rand afficionados. I personally think its her most intellectually appealing work ever. Do write, if possible, your views on the book. Its my all time favourite.