Friday, May 23, 2008

The Intrepid Blogger

I have the misfortune of being someone who loves to write, and loves it even more if the numbers on the blog counter are of obscene proportions.I tend to overlook the fact that I have very few claims to either fame or infamy.It can be a tad disconcerting to maintain a blog that gets about a 100 hits in a few months.Not that I particularly envy Indian actors whose paychecks have more digits than my blog counter.I find it intriguing to find newspapers literally printing transcripts of 'star-blogs'; with all the mud-slinging,finger pointing,name calling and other antics akin to those of four year old kindergarten students.Where does that leave yours truly? In a rut with,a silly css template and no domain space!

Since divas need to give themselves airs in order to survive;I hereby induct myself into the institution of the intrepid blogger.The intrepid blogger thrives like a tiny being that bears ten times its weight and runs the risk of being crushed to an unrecognizable pulp.The intrepid blogger will blog till the hosting site vanishes into oblivion or till web 2.0 is deprecated and the craft of blogging is dead.If one can measure pride and vulnerability,then the intrepid blogger can boast of having an abundance of both.There isn't time for bitterness because there is so much to rant and rave about.

In the self-obsessed realm of blogging, only the valiant survive.It takes courage for the insignificant to shower themselves with indulgence in public.


ankita anand said...

in solidarity

La Diva! said...

Always appreciated :)