Sunday, April 13, 2008


The Diva was ill(even we Divas fall ill sometimes). I was in the exalted company of Franz Kafka, the eternal dreamer and existentialist. According to a survey once conducted in the United Kingdom;television viewers find themselves empathizing with on screen characters to the extent that they feel they even suffer from the same ailments. I stake claim to a similar affliction thanks to the intimidating and very abstruse Franz Kafka.Sometimes metaphysics causes one to swing between a nauseating sense of numbness to an invigorating sense of hyperactivity. The fact that I was feverish didn't contribute to the fleeting sense of wellbeing either. I am now recuperating. I'm not quite sure if I should be thankful for that.


Shamit Bagchi said...

Metamorphose into well-being!!! :)

ankita anand said...

Know what you mean,saw a biographical play on Kafka once.

anuj said...

Couldn't agree more!