Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Art of being Tongue-Tied

I am perhaps fortunate enough not to write for the sake of bread,butter or bills. My position gives me the luxury of writing for the sake of writing; without the intention of building a closet tumbling with awards.My predicament lies in the fact that I often find myself at the center of all my complacence,blissfully unwilling to do something to override the block.I suppose I take it for granted that the block gives a writer the impression of a safety net, or that of a bubble of comfortable superiority.

I have often used 'the block' as an excuse for the spasms of ineptitude that hinder my thought process.I now prefer to use the euphemism of being 'tongue-tied' instead.The state of being tongue-tied is often misconstrued as a state of being in deep contemplation. It is the not-so-discreet way of buying time and the benefit of the doubt. I hereby give myself the benefit of the doubt! I am sorry for the inconvenience. It isn't my intention to insult anyone's intelligence.

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