Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Diva like Bette

When I think of Bette Davis I am mesmerized. I am not sure whether it comes from a sense of awe or intimidation. Bette was something like a blot of rebellion on the predictable canvass of conventional Hollywood. Bette wasn't beautiful but her face was striking; leaving something tantalizing, something terrifying and incongruous to the one who beheld it.

Bette had no Godfathers. She wasn't an ambitious child star with a promising career as an adult. She had an uncharacteristic air that generated dislike in a society that treated women like inanimate objects. She was a diva on screen as she was in reality (she openly disagreed with producers and 'the big guys'). I can still see her as the southern belle in 'Jezbel', as the eternal seductress, the adulteress,the crone and even as Queen Elizabeth I. Her large, dramatic eyes made love and committed treason with equal panache. Perhaps that explains the term 'Bette Davis eyes'.

Bette's life was laced with its own share of drama and tragedy.She died,without any regrets, at the age of ,81 from cancer.

As a continuing tribute to divas past and present; here's to Bette the eternal diva, may her legacy continue to inspire other divas alike.

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