Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cliches and Junk

It's time for familiarity. Time for the diva to do next year's spring cleaning four months in advance. I haven't cleared my cache of all the hoarded cliches and frankly my dear I do give a damn about platitude ! Here are some of the things that are flying out of the blog-reference.

Runaway hit: In the context of films;the only thing that runs away is all the precious, hard earned money spent by starry eyed spectators.

Coalition government: An unnervingly popular term used extensively in Indian politics. Since no party ever seems to get the clear majority; a coalition is something like a 'many-way' marriage of convenience. In reality, a coalition is an open ground for infidelity,defection and debauchery of the despicable kind. There is nothing positive or beneficial about it. Hence, I hereby condemn the phrase to a miserable end!

Classified information: We in Divaland live for the gossip, period.

Multiculturalism: Another political term used incorrectly by the proponents of political correctness. We can dip the entire human race in crimson paint, roll them to the same size, raise them under identical environmental conditions and make them genetically asexual. Intolerance is still inevitable. Let us not credit ourselves with traits we do not possess.

Spiritual: The most exploited term in the English language (and in other locales as well). It is 'hip' now to be spiritual. Anything that becomes 'hip' eventually loses its charm. Let us strike the word 'spiritual' from our dictionaries before it dies an unbecoming death.

Now who is going to take a little walk to the trash can, any volunteers?

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