Wednesday, November 21, 2007

An Affair that Doesn't End

I believe that there exists a bond between writers and their readers that is often bizzare and sometimes metaphysical. I am often at a loss to comprehend my affinity towards dead folks who lived by the pen.Thus, I am quite amused by the outcome of this cranial attachment that extends beyond the grave.

As a 15 year old, I was obsessed with Mr. Wilde. Quite the unlikely choice for a 'straight' young girl who should have been obsessed with the likes of Justin Timberlake. What on earth did I see in the dandy, homosexual, aesthete who was quite the open narcissist ? More than what the eye could see I suppose. What the eye cannot see the mind will construe. I had a hunger for Wilde's work because I firmly believed, that under all the paraphernalia was a writer of more greatness and sensitivity than was attributed to him. I fed on the sheer magnetic power of Wilde's wit to the extent that I had started ,unconsciously, to quote him at chat sites(We didn't have social networks back then).I still quote Wilde and reread his work till I am sufficiently amused and nostalgic of a time gone by.

I discovered Dostoyevsky two years later. I found him to be tremendously gifted and observant in a terrifying way. If I were to pass him by in the street I would shoot a glance at him and not care to speak to him even if he asked for the time. I share a quaint and strained relationship with Kafka. Partly because I feel intense pain in his work and partly because I'm afraid I'd stutter if I met him in person.

My present muse is D.H. Lawrence. I am yet to ascertain the level of frivolity and nonchalance of the whole deal. Never have I come across a post Victorian writer who dared to put women outside the 'suffering is the badge of my tribe' stereotype.Reading 'Sons and Lovers' plummeted the reader-writer bond to a whole new level.When was the last time you met a man who nearly celebrated the 'Oedipus Rex complex' and gave snakes more credit than he gave men? I'm hooked again! This one is here to stay!

p.s. In case my regular readers are wondering why I never had a wireless, cranial relationship with Marquez; it's because I hope to meet him in person someday.

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