Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Wayward Attempt at Redemption

Forgive me dear reader for I have sinned, it has been more than a month since my last apology and it happens to be my first confession of the sort.

First, I am guilty of wrath. I find it infuriating that celebrities seem to have the birthright to churn out 'bestsellers' that are laden with errors and multiple instances of bad writing. I also find it annoying that books of substance don't get their share of recognition at the appropriate time.

Second, I am guilty of envy. I envy bloggers who get book deals, period.

Third, I am guilty of sloth. I don't invest enough thought and research into the books I'm reading and thus end up writing 'bloggish' book reviews.

Fourth, I am guilty of greed. I want unlimited domain space without having to shell out a dime. I only make apologetic entries so I may gain Karma points at the smallest drop of benevolence from a forgiving reader.

Fifth, I am guilty of pride. I am too proud to admit that my blog gets an average of 10 hits per day. I am also too proud to acknowledge my imperfection as a writer and a poet.

Sixth, I am guilty of lust. I cannot stop thinking of the work of D.H. Lawrence. It is my 'sloth' that prevents the thought from spilling in the direction of full blown obsession.

I do not stake claim to gluttony as I like eating as much as I like Dan Brown (do we see pride laced with a little envy?).

Forgive me dear reader. I will condemn myself to a week of penance and refrain from blogging till I have something worth writing about.

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