Friday, September 14, 2007

Kafka's Blog

Franz Kafka was an enigmatic microcosm. He still is an esoteric phenomenon thanks to the nature of his work. He writes of men who think they've become insects. He walks you through a stream of consciousness till you wake and struggle to grasp the fact that you exist. Writers like Kafka are rarer today than they were in his time. No struggling writer desirous of commercial success would dare 'pull a Kafka' on his or her readers. Bloggers with alternate sources of income (like yours truly who doesn't rake a dime from her blog) have other luxuries that leave enough room (and free domain space) for open introspection.

I imagine the 'Kafka blogspot' to be less egotistical and hardly flamboyant when compared to its counterparts. Kafka would have picked a template minimal and threadbare enough to make the average web designer cringe. I can imagine a site meter,hidden at some shameful corner, ticking away abysmally as the occasional smog of curiosity makes its way to the site. I don't know Kafka well enough to toy with the idea of a visual 'Kafka blog', it seems too presumptuous at the moment.

On a less cynical note, I imagine the 'Kafka blogspot' to be the most satisfying place on the web for those who take the trouble to analyze each and every syllable. I see great depth in terse sentences, typed out with haste so that ideas don't drift past the thinker. I see lines euphemistic enough to speak of human folly without the slightest intent of offense. I can imagine impatient readers casting away Kafka's work because it needs too much retrospection and demands excessive thought. Publishers would have had nothing but contempt for Kafka, the man whose brilliance just falls short of controversy.

Perhaps Kafka was ahead of his time and perhaps he is ahead of ours.It is some wonder that he was discovered when he was. I still could be wrong about his blogspot though.

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Gammafunction said...

Kafka is a wonder every sentence....especially his diaries.nice post.