Sunday, September 09, 2007

It Happens only in India: The use of Reincarnation to meet Freudian Ends

Sigmund Freud is fortunate enough to have died before the advent of the 21st century and well before the coming of 'The Great Indian Spiritual Renaissance' (as I like to call it). 'The Great Indian Spiritual Renaissance' relies heavily on the way Indian conscience plays truant with its owner. Most Indians are a tad guilty for neglecting their traditions and for completely disregarding their roots.Speaking of Freudian ends; Freud once hinted that all psychological afflictions can be traced back to seemingly innocuous incidents of the past(mostly those from an individual's childhood). A new Indian school of thought has extended the Freudian premise to hint that some psychological afflictions are deep seated enough to be traced to a previous life!

Irrespective of whether this is another feather in the cap for the proponents of feel good soul searching, or whether this is a publicity stunt gone embarrassingly wrong; people are lapping it up. The new global economy has not only helped a bunch of Indians to get vulgarly rich; it has also helped a few prodigal sheep to return to the mystical flock. Indians have rediscovered yoga, vaastu (the Indian counterpart of feng-shui), religion, alternative healing and now reincarnation. Even the new-age shrink has found a plethora of riches stashed away behind the 'eternity of the human soul'. It is said that the soul remembers all that it has been through, life after life, and it is conditioned by its memory. It has left denial seekers rumbling in ecstasy and the rest like me just reeling. Sadly the human spirit is made out to be less resilient than it really is.

Hence ,to explain my penchant for acting like a diva, my imaginary shrink would tell me this, 'You are not a diva because you imagine you are one. You are a diva because you were one in a past life!' (I think I just heard Freud screech in agony.) Don't take responsibility for your problems little ones, your poor little soul has taken a lot already!

ps: I sorely miss the good old days when people just blamed their genes for all their little quirks, I can barely handle all the filthy laundry from one life!

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