Sunday, September 16, 2007

C'est Tres Embarrassant !

Even the average perfectionist likes to take an innocent pride in his or her work. I stake claim to the same when it comes to my blog. I am rarely satisfied with my entries when I click on 'publish post'; they are either too immature or bleak and incomplete. It takes a while before I can warm up to my work and say to myself, 'this is what I should do for a living'. It takes a few weeks or even months for this to happen, and when it does I feel my virgoan-ego bursting with an excess of self-acclaim. All of this is short lived till I come across an embarrassing ambiguity. My sentences tend to be long with an excessive use of punctuation (mostly at inappropriate places) and French . While I hurriedly correct the structural vilification, I hardly get respite from the French parts. I don't have localization enabled, hence I cannot use accented characters. I can only sweat and swear, 'C'est tres embarrassant'.

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