Sunday, August 26, 2007

Anarchy and why it isn't Practical

One can often hear me muttering to myself, 'this is not democracy it's anarchy'. After a few hours of introspection I generally realize the implications of anarchy. Here's why anarchy will never be a successful form of government (here's why it fails in Diva-Land).

Anarchy will enable the kind of apostrophe abuse that will leave literature junkies reeling with consternation and literature non-junkies on the brink of war.

With anarchy all subtlety will die. Insults and compliments alike will be reduced to mere platitude, the kind that I have been trying to eliminate since the conception of this blog.

Anarchy will kill creativity! If there is no censorship on apostrophe abuse and platitude, people will start to assume that they can construct sentences without even the slightest attempt at cerebration.

Without anarchy there will no longer be heated debates on 'the state versus the individual'. The two entities will become so blurred that no one will remember which is which.

Bookstore owners in Diva-Land will have to start handing out unpublished manuscripts for free owing to the excessive theft of published, bound and well edited material. They will have to resort to organized theft in order to survive.

Dinnertime will no longer be a time for relaxation and culinary reflection.

We at Diva-Land hereby do not support anarchy or its derivatives. The world is problematic enough the way it is!

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