Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Urban Legend of the Blogger

There exists a wide generation gap between those who blog and those who don't. The former view the latter with some amount of skepticism. Bloggers are often regarded as 'exhibitionists' and 'loners clamouring for attention at the cost of ruining their fingertips' (I just cooked up the second phrase). To the non-blogging community, bloggers must seem like something of an urban legend. Here's the urban legend of the blogger.

The lonesome blogger is one who spends every living,breathing hour stranded in front of a computer. Identity is an affliciton; hence a blogger is more of an 'it' than either a 'he' or 'she'. The blogger loathes the fact that it gets more acclaim as an invisible non-entity than it does as a being with life. It spews all its wrath on harmless, lifeless electronic equipment in the form of rants of sensational bitterness. Some bloggers are even said to have cracked under pressure. The blogger may not own a chainsaw or any other instrument for the purpose of massacare. In fact, a majority of them are assumed to be cowards who take shelter under the unlikely aegis of anonymity. Despite all the laughable attributes consecrated upon the blogging community; bloggers are perhaps the most formidable group of people (coming in a close second to tabloid journalists).

Interestingly enough,I don't fit the 'urban legend' profile and neither do any of the other bloggers I know personally. No wonder my blog gets an average of 10 hits per day!

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