Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Agnostic Conscience

People often ask me if I'm an atheist. I don't bow my head in prayer at religious places, I don't endorse religion and I treat 'faith' and 'God' as abstract concepts. To clear any misconceptions that one might have about me; I am agnostic.I don't know what is responsible for creation and its purpose, and I am not willing to make any assumptions in that direction.

I cannot prove the existence or the inexistence of a 'superior being' that is responsible for creation. Therefore I am neither a theist nor an atheist.(This is as categorical as it gets. Faith aside, my agnosticism doesn't make me a communist.)

To explain agnosticism to those who don't understand its implication I have my own little quip:
A believer thinks he/she knows who is responsible for creation. An atheist will probably ask 'what is responsible for creation', instead of 'who'. One who is agnostic will simply say 'I don't know who or what is responsible'.

Faith and its many derivatives have always been a source of conflict and tribulation in my life. To an extent that, at present, I have decided to become obsessed with the superficial in order to field any questions pertaining to my origin and purpose. I will come up with an answer later! (In other words, I am content being your regular Diva.)

ps: The entries on art,wine and all things fine will resume after the 'pseudo-spiritual' crisis is resolved.

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praveshkatyal said...

well..the discussion of our biliefs dont really matter..what matters is do we realize the vry purpose of the evolution of the concept of god and religion..and if we we intend to follow it...
the answer to that would infact decide wether you choose to believe in god or nt..his materialistic or physical value unaccounted for...