Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Treading on Quicksand

Owing to the most annoying of circumstances, all activity on this blog is suspended till further notice. The inconvenience is deeply regretted (assuming that lack of blog-activity is inconvenient).

ps: Blogging shall resume after a return to convenience.

When Literary Giants Speak : Part II

This is a sequel to another post with a similar title . Here's another lesson in writer-gab.

The great Indian novel : How to write one sentence in 200,000 different ways and then find 200,000 euphemisms for each of the initial alternatives. Continue the process recursively till you have a manuscript that's too heavy to handle.

Colonial hangover: One of the prerequisites for the great Indian novel.

ABCD: 'American Born Confused Desi', a prerequisite for great Indian novels born to the west of the Atlantic.

To be continued....