Friday, April 20, 2007

Living to Read the Tale

There are some who live to write and others who live to read. I have been reading 'Living to Tell the Tale' by Gabriel Garcia Marquez for almost the entire semester and I still have 300 pages left! Nevertheless I claim enough qualification to make the following statement :

Marquez's work is the culmination of literary genius and empathetic observation stemming from a a compassionate understanding of the human condition. He mixes wit, myth and conviction to create stories that are more tangible than reality. It is thus not surprising that his work draws heavily from his life. There are few writers who can exude the kind of lyrical charm that crosses linguistic barriers and glitches in translation.

ps: I'm still working on it. I promise a full-fledged scoop when I'm done.


Shamit Bagchi said...

Very well and succinctly captured; your views on Marquez's writing ring true !

La Diva! said...

Thanks :-)

fin said...

Cool. I love magical realism!