Monday, April 16, 2007

Diva's Doomsday Prediction

This post has been inspired in part by the content of the preceding one and in part by all the talk of climate change. There has been so much finger-pointing and name-calling that people seemed to have overlooked the stark prospect of doomsday. The end is nearer than we think!

Move over Nostradamus, thy predilections are archaic!

Listen with care fellow beings, the end cometh close. On a hapless day in a hapless season in some hapless century not chronologically far from the present it will come- the hour of doom. It shall not spare a single soul from its desolate blow. The earth will be a shrunken monster; gnarling, hungry and intoxicated by thirst. Men and women(if they still exist) will roam from terrain to terrain, their backs bent from the weight of their material wealth, in search of a morsel to eat and a drop to drink. The 'Oracle'(aka Big Brother) will deem that all creatures must inhabit a bunker so they may not behold the coming of doom. For decades will humans throng underground bunkers; feeding on synthetic food and liquid, not daring to look to the sky for fear of going blind. One fine day, when all the 'Oracles' are dead, human curiosity will give in. Out of their bunkers these creatures will stroll to see the earth intact, just as they left it. The day of doom will be an orchestration, vile enough to hurt narcissistic pride.

Doomsday will not be the day the human race breaths its last. It will be the day that human stupidity supercedes all wit.

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