Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Death Blow to Blogging

I read an article by a journalist who, apparently with a lot of glee, wrote of the phenomenon called the 'zombie blog'. A zombie blog is one that floats around blogosphere; obsolete from years of neglect. The writer goes on to cite the example of Lindsey Lohan's zombie blog( the latest entry dates back to the year 2003). I have decided to go undercover to reveal the cause behind this alarming new trend.

Hypothesis 1- As stated by the writer of the article, bloggers have lost the time and the inclination to blog and have thus moved on to greener pastures. Apparently their minds are not as flourishingly green as they were previously!j

Hypothesis 2- I think that blogging has done some people a ton of good. They have either met 'that special person' who made them say 'sayonara' to singlehood, or they have a new lucarative writing contract after getting a lot of attention from publishers, pop-culture enthusiasts and probably even legal quarters.

Hypothesis 3- The conspiracy theory! There are way too many politicians with blogs. Segolene Royal, the French socialist presidential candidate has one, Derek Obama, Hillary Clinton several others are hopping on to the blog-wagon. Where on earth are regular folks ,like you and I , going to find available domains with unlimited space to chronicle every thought and sentiment ?

Hypothesis 4 - An extension of the conspiracy theory ; last year 'Time' magazine chose the average human being as 'the person of the year'. I can sense the curling of blood in celebrity veins.....

Enough speculation! What do you think?

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Push. said...

cant say excatly but yeah blogging does take out best of u...atleast sometimes if nt always....