Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Asperity of Time

I wait in silence,
For time passing by,
As one would wait for a fond acquaintance.

I wait for him
To speak of his worth
And to watch his eyes grow dim.

I watch him saddle
His antique aspersions;
No jumbled words for him to addle.

Time passes by,
As one passes a stranger,
Condemning yet another useless moment to die.

Another One Bites the Dust

In my endless endeavour to put an end to linguistic abuse, I will send yet another neologism packing. This one is 'friendly fire'. To start with, it isn't 'friendly' to fire a loaded weapon at an acquaintance whether intentionally or otherwise. I understand that it is sometimes impossible, in a warfield, to detect one's 'friends' in the chaos. Still, I find the term unfortunate. 'Accidental fire' might just seem more acceptible.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

What is Wiki Coming to?

Given that a large chunk of the cyber-demographic accept Wikipedia as the most acceptable source of information, they decided to coin a new term called 'Wikiality'. The etymology is very simple; wikipedia+reality=wikiality aka the most respected kno wledge repository on the web.

While we occasionally find the obstruse and the absurd making their ways into our browsers, I wasn't mentally or cynically prepared for this. Wiki has a page dedicated to 'WAGS'. WAGS is a term, used popularly with respect to English football, for 'Wives And GirlfriendS' of footballers. The writers at Wiki have gone out of their way to chronicle this bizzare phenomenon that seemed to take all the attention away from last year's world cup (untill 'The Matrix' got Zidaned of course). The Wiki page on 'WAGS' has the lexicography, lists of WAGS and even bits on WAGS from other countries and sports.

If you love football for all the inappropriate reasons, take a look here.
The Wiki WAGS Page!