Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Reality Check : Another Malapropism Gets the Axe

I have issues with the term 'reality show'. It is the most overrated form of platitude that this generation has seen. For starters, reality shows have very little to do with 'reality' . Paris Hilton living 'The Simple Life' is not reality. It is the most condescending form of narcissism. A gang of pretty girls ,'stranded' in a mansion, vying for the attention of 'The Bachelor' is farther away from reality than an episode of 'Will and Grace'.

I prefer films to 'reality shows'. A film is the outcome of 'real' work done by 'real' people. It reflects the collective effort put by a group of dedicated people to bring the sub-conscious to life. A film indirectly brings out the aspirations, frustrations and the endless bounds of societal imagination. How unreal is that?

As with all other cliches, this one is destined for the gallows. To hell with platitude! Let's have some originality.

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