Saturday, January 06, 2007


If you read my post titled 'Zidane, Un Portrait du 21e Siecle', and if you came across a mention of 'Mogwai' read on.

I first experienced Mogwai when I saw the 'Zidane movie'. I use the word 'experienced' because the music of Mogwai requires more than just open minded listening. I cannot think of an appropriate genre for Mogwai. Perhaps it would be safe and equally lame to call it 'progressive, experimental indie-rock'. (I'm trying very hard to write this without coming under the influence of 'Wikiality'.)

The members of Mogwai use guitars, synthesizers and distortion (or so I think) to create an effect of psychedelia not quite like Pink Floyd, but original and untainted by mainstream influence. Mogwai's style might come across as esoteric to some, especially to 'head-banging' metal aficionados and 'puppy-love smitten boy band lovers'. For the sake of art, however, it is probably impudent and almost insulting to compare Mogwai with the rest of the mainstream.

Here's to another cut against platitude! If we try hard enough we can give it(platitude) a slow and painful death!

ps: Ooops! I forgot to mention that Mogwai is a band based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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