Friday, January 05, 2007


It's the time of the year when platitude goes under the cut. The Diva is her old self again. She is out on a rampage to find new victims! So don't do anything to offend me for a while.

Given the recent spate of executions around the world, there has been a lot of linguistic abuse making the rounds. The people concerned (if you don't know about the Saddam Hussain execution fiasco, you really need to watch the news) were executed for 'crimes against humanity'. Now, the only crimes that 'humans' ever talk about are 'crimes against humanity'. Besides, practically every intentional, cold blooded 'crime against humanity' is a 'crime on behalf of humanity'. We need to express ourselves more appropriately. Not enough has been done to denounce this most blatant miscarriage of propriety. Let's learn to say it as it is, 'Crimes on behalf of humanity'!

I must also decry the gross misuse of the word 'exclusive'. If events are meant to be 'exclusive' how is it that the press always gets invited?

That's all for now children! There will be 'more cuts against platitude' in the future.

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