Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It Happens Only in India: Astrology Thrives like Nothing Else

India is one of the few countries guilty of globalizing yoga, curry and astrology. The first thing my grandparents did after my birth was to approach the astrologer. (They actually approached two.) Both the astrologers drew up charts that still make very little sense. Especially since the bengali equivalent of 'diva' doesn't feature in any of them.

Astrological charts are more like templates. They don't give a detailed analysis of microscopic future events. To dispell such ambiguity, astrologers set up little shops in unlikely yet strategic locations. Imagine this; you're dejectedly walking in an 'innocent' neighbourhood under the scorching Indian sun when your eyes chance to fall upon a sign that says 'Astrologer', talk about strategy! Most astrologers in Bangalore have these typical signboards that read, 'Faith is God. Come at once with your problems. Love, marriage, childrens education, foreign tour, politics, family problem, enemy problem, couples disunderstanding..' , down to every grammatical error. They never 'disunderstand' the psyche of an entire nation.

Ideas become obsolete but astrologers do not!

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