Monday, December 18, 2006

Person of the Year

It's the time of the year we all wait for, with bated breath and uncontained anticipation. No, it's got nothing to do with resolutions, turning over new leaves, fresh epicurean adventures or societal upliftment. December is the month when 'Time' magazine reveals 'The Person of the Year' aka the individual whose exploits (worthy or uncharitable) have shaped the course of the year that was. The person of the year is - (drum roll) 'YOU'! Yes, 'Time' has given in to the power of insignificance and,in sheer resignation, has placed a mirror on the cover of this particular issue. It took all the whining on blogosphere,the dirty laundry on social networks and the many videos on Youtube for 'Time' to yield to 'the individual'. Hail narcissism, self-obsession, machavilleanism (if you think I shouldn't hail this 'ism' you need a reality check) and above all fast internet access!

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