Saturday, December 30, 2006

Fools Think Alike!

I remember watching the 'Miss India' contest a few years ago. The crucial question posed to the finalists was , 'There are two quotations, one says that great minds think alike and another saying that fools seldom differ. Which one do you believe and why?'

The girls in all their pseudo-haute designer finery were given a minute to come up with an answer. Sadly, all of them came up with faux, studied and semi-articulate reasons (also read as 'typical beauty contest answer') for why 'Great men think alike'. Not one of them looked the judges cynically in the eye to aver that fools seldom differ. Not one! What had the world come to?

I'll tell you what the world has come to, at least from where I see it. Great minds are in short supply, especially this century, they definitely are. Given that no two minds can ever think alike (redundancy is not a flattering thing) it is quite improbable that great minds do think alike.

In defence of those hapless beauty contestants ,out for a free ticket to Bollywood, had any of them actually deviated from the structure, the stringent optimism and the bleached smiles that remain set at the jaw; an experiment with vercity would be like committing hara-kiri. You simply don't use the word 'fool' on national television! Not when you're a potential role model to delusional young girls who have misplaced the gift of thought.

We all think alike, therefore we must all, in some way, be fools!

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