Friday, November 03, 2006


I generally take a neutral stand on the age old 'quality vs quantity' debate. This is one issue that has no right answer or opinion. When blogosphere was in its nascency in the good old days when one had to pay precious cash to host a blog; there was nothing to quantify and analyze statistically. Perhaps, only the number of hits per blog and the daily traffic to a blog, like in the case of any other website.

Over the years(imagine a couple of centuries cramped within less than a decade) blogosphere grew to a magnitude that is practically intangible. So a couple of nerds at Technoarti decided to represent blogosphere as a an abstract yet somehow tangible entity. At first the numbers seem overwhleming, especially to the novice blogger. (The first time I saw some of those numbers, I almost died of an inferiority complex.) So, I did a little calculation myself. I find that this blog gets an average of 10 hits per day. So that would amount to about 3650 hits in a year(Forgive the accuracy, I'm just your average Virgoan.). In order to get 100,000 hits I would need to preserve this blog for a tad more than a good 30 years!

I felt a surge in my self esteem; at least I possess some computational ability irrespective of the numerous complexes that possess me.

ps: Schools in the UK will allow kids to construct sentences the SMS way. 2 loathe or not 2 loath ? Change is always 2 good a thing 2 compromise.

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