Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Poem Without a Name

My life saunters from shadow to shadow
Stopping briefly at each sequence of existence.
My spirit sags; drooping, pale and sallow
Deviating from touch,feeling and sense.

My thoughts move like rays lacking direction
My gaze fails to see; it droops, as though with age.
My steps lack flight as they lack friction.
I'm like an actor lost on an empty stage.

I can't catch time; instead it catches me,
In the throes of youth thinning away.
I am entwined, I know not what entwines me,
So I might gauge the death of a new day.

ps: I should start a versioning system for all my 'nameless' poems.


John said...

APWAN Ver 1.0.1. Certified OK.

El Diva! said...

will use that system the next time i run out of names.